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Sony lansează patru noi sisteme audio High Power

Comunicat de presă   •   Ian 10, 2018 14:34 EET

Sony V41D 01

Strong party

The High Power Home One-Box System delivers powerful and intense sound throughout the room thanks to the integrated Spread Sound Generator Sound Generator [1] .

The V81D features 360˚LIVE SOUND functionality, and the V71D features LIVE SOUND, both models being equipped with 360˚ party lights that illuminate the room and create a perfect atmosphere. Thanks to the gesture control function, the user can easily take the place of a DJ, and the living room turns into a club.

The new TAIKO [2] , as the Japanese name suggests, allows users to use High Power One-Box audio as a drum. Favorite tracks can be changed by touching the touch panel to experience a wide selection of drum selections. Users can also use the gesture control feature to experience a variety of virtual instrument models by simply moving the hand to the top of the device. TAIKO can also become a play partner, allowing users to compete with friends for the highest score while batting the beat.


The V81D, V71D and V41D models feature unique interactive features that have the ability to bring people together. With Party King, all social networking friends will find out about organized parties. And with the "Fiestable" app, users can tap their audio systems with the new social media button.

Users can also get Party King certifications and can be included in a party leaderboard. The more parties he organizes, the more a user is positioned higher in the leaderboard. All of these performances can even unlock special selections.

The user can connect the sound and actively involve friends, thanks to the Wireless Party Chain, which can simultaneously connect up to 50 compatible systems. Users can also use multi-device connectivity so the DJ position can be transferred by connecting multiple smartphones to the speakers, and different participants can easily play the favorite song.

M60D - Improved sound pressure level

Sony has also developed a new 3-box model by launching the M60D. The speakers offer an enhanced and impressive level of acoustic pressure with a high power amplifier that will dynamize any event. The system also includes lights on both the speakers and the center unit.

The new model includes CD, DVD, USB, Bluetooth, microphone & guitar inputs and HDMI OUT (ARC) outputs.

The MHC-V41D will be available from April 2018 , at a price of about 420 euros .

The MHC-V71D will be available from April 2018 , at a price of around 600 euros.

The MHC-V81D will be available from April 2018 , at a cost of around 700 euros.

The MHC-M60D will be available from April 2018 , at a price of around 450 euros.

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[1] on V71D and V81D.

[2] on V71D and V81D.

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