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Sony prezintă căștile MDR-1AM2 cu sunet Hi-Res

Comunicat de presă   •   Ian 10, 2018 10:47 EET


Superior sound for sophisticated audiences

New headphones are dedicated to users who do not want to compromise on sound quality. With extensive Hi-Res certifications, they are compatible with a frequency playback of up to 100kHz and are equipped with a new 40mm HD driver so users can enjoy sound in a wide range of frequencies but also with diaphragms from aluminum coated liquid crystal polymers, each perceptible difference being perfectly reproduced.

The 1AM2 features a Fibonacci mesh to support very high frequency ranges, as well as a silver-coated OFC cable that helps reduce signal loss. Another advantage is the option of a 4.4mm balanced connection, as well as a 3.5mm standard connection for improved use. This pair of headphones harnesses the benefits of the Signature headset, the MDR-Z1R, and respects the same audio line.

Comfort is essential

Headphones are lighter than the previous model - a significant advantage if they are worn at home or on the move. Users can wear this pair of headphones longer over their ears, thanks to specially designed stitches for added comfort. Synthetic leather ear pads are comfortable and soft, made of low-strength polyurethane foam.

The 1AM2 headphones are launched in two elegant colors - black and silver.

Designed in collaboration with Kimber Kable®

The headphones are supplied with two standard cables and a 4.4mm cable for a balanced connection. However, if users want to improve playback sound, Sony makes available a cable Kimber Kable ® , which fits perfectly with headphones 1AM2. Kimber Kable MUC-S12SB1 cable ® is compatible with these headphones, and the headphones that have a single output. This cable provides the compatibility that users need for a balanced connection between Walkman® and Sony headphones.

The MDR-1AM2 will be available from the beginning of April at a price of around 250 euros .

The MUC-S12SB1 cable will be available from the spring of 2018 at a cost of around 200 euros .

For product specifications, please visit: MDR-1AM2 .

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